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The Ascend Education Global Teaching Team

At Ascend Education Centre we recognise that our most important resource is our teachers. Our teachers are committed to Ascend Education Centre, since we share the same values and understand the need for high standards of professionalism in delivering our service.

Ascend Education Centre ensures that its teachers will have considerable previous teaching experience, are Council for Private Education approved, hold at least a qualification relevant to teaching English language to foreign students, such as the CELTA, TEFL, TESOL or a diploma/masters degree in Applied Linguistics.

Teacher Deployment 2018

Profile of Deployed Teachers

David Doyle

David an Irish citizen and Singapore PR, is the CEO of Ascend Education Centre with a diverse background in the education industry. David was a research and teaching assistant at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth where he was a British Council Chevening Scholar in International Relations from 1996-1997. He holds a primary degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in International Relations. Since 2001, David has made Singapore his home, working and teaching in the Education industry. In 2003 he completed his CELTA with the British Council Singapore. In June 2004, David, in partnership with fellow Irishman Gareth O’Brien, started Ascend Education Centre.

Anna Beatrice Manyam

is a Singapore citizen, and her first language is English. Her main duties have been to teach English as a first language in the public schools and English as a second language in the International schools and at the National University of Singapore. She has organised and managed Summer School programmes for various International Schools and assisted the ESL department in writing the curriculum for their new ESL programme and she was also involved with student placement. In addition, she has experience in assisting foreign students in achieving high marks in IELTS. At present she is in the part time employment of the National Institute of Education as a supervising co-coordinator helping to conduct the practicum for student teachers.

John Abraham

John was educated in Singapore and the UK. He is a professionally qualified teacher and has a degree in Education and History from the University of Lancaster in England. He has worked with international students throughout his career and his own life has been enriched by his long association with students from a great variety of cultures and nationalities. He likes to get students actively involved in the classroom in order to develop their language and social skills. Apart from teaching English, John is active in his church and during his free time he enjoys swimming, reading, watching TV and following the fortunes of Arsenal.


Victoria Fury

is a Canadian who has lived and worked in Singapore and Indonesia for 13 years. She has taught EGL at all levels, as well as Business and Hospitality English and IELTS. Victoria holds a TESOL Certificate with an educational background in English Lit. and Psychology. Her teaching approach is one of patient guidance, aid and encouragement, combined with a liberal dash of humor to make learning enjoyable. She firmly believes that the friendly, open, caring learning environment and experienced, committed teachers at Ascend Education Center are a key factor in the success of its students.

Vinitha Kongot Ramachandran

Vinitha is a native of India, but has lived in Singapore and Malaysia for the last 11 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Bombay, India as well as a TESOL certification from SEA English Academy (Australia). She has taught ESL at all levels, IELTS and conducted public speaking and communication workshops. She believes in leveraging her teaching experience and academic background to design engaging and inspiring lessons to effectively address the curriculum and help students realize their individual potential. She firmly believes that a comfortable and enjoyable classroom experience is the key to positive learning.

Robin Hull

I am a UK citizen who first visited Singapore five years ago. Instantly being drawn to Singapore’s diversity of people and culture (and its kopi) I decided to spend as much time here as possible. Driven by a desire to know more about my own language, I completed a degree course at Roehampton University in London in English Language and Linguistics. I have also completed a University of Cambridge CELTA qualification. I am a fitness and running enthusiast and I have recently started training to run a half marathon. I also enjoy more sedate activities such as music, radio and film. My teaching style is to keep things as enjoyable as possible with plenty of student interaction. Whenever I can I try to relate lessons to students’ own lives.

Angela Edwards

Originally from Britain but now an Australian, Angela has recently returned to live in Singapore after gaining her CELTA qualifications in Melbourne, Australia. Although a newcomer to the ESL sector, she has worked at middle and senior management levels for many years in the Australian Public Service. Angela is passionate about helping students achieve their goals and her approach to teaching ESL is to ensure that learning activities are practical, relevant and fun. “. I find this is the best way to help students build both their confidence and competence”.

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